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We invite you to connect to our Digital Universe with the most advanced technology on the market. Our engineers and technicians have been designing and programming our lighting devices for more than 11 years. We have our own software and mobile applications. Our production units in China fulfill the final task of assembly, quality control and finished product. Passing another second quality control at our facilities in Spain. You have highly qualified and personalized advice to help you expand your sales, make the correct product selection and answer your questions.


brands with a variety of exclusive products so you can expand your business with the latest technologies.
We provide you with specialized technical advice supported by tutorials for advanced product installation and assembly.

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2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 year product warranty.

Apply the most advanced systems on the market to your Projects

LUXNNIA® is one of our four brands, specialized in the most advanced ZIGBEE® communication protocol that allows us to interconnect through a gateway with thousands of devices in a reliable and efficient way. Covering the demands of the sector and being at the forefront of it with exclusive products.

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LUXNNIA® designs and manufactures its product applying a wireless data transmission technology aimed at low consumption and a relatively high range (30 – 100 meters). Zigbee® is capable of creating device meshes and routing messages between each other in a very effective way, making them especially useful for cases such as home automation or sensor networks. Within the Zigbee® standard, there are XBee modules. They are modules that using the IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocol create wireless networks (P2P or MESH type) capable of communicating nodes with each other.