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the most advanced ZIGBEE® communication protocol that allows us to interconnect through a gateway with thousands of devices in a reliable and efficient way.


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HEKOM UFO ZIGBEE IP65 - 5 years warranty
UFO SIRIO ZIGBEE IP67 - 10 years warranty
Control all your ZIGBEE devices from your mobile
UFO ANTARES ZIGBEE IP65 - 7 years warranty


We are heading towards a hyperconnected world, surrounded by sensors, and everything connected to each other, which generates a huge amount of data. And this is only the beginning. From connecting people we have gone on to connect things. By 2025 there will be 100,000 million connected devices in the world. For this reason, at Grupo Led Hispania we want to be at the forefront of the sector with our own innovation, designing devices and applications for our engineers to connect unlimited devices of all kinds. Join the future that is already here.

The expansion of our Group with a total of four brands with fully differentiated product lines to meet the demands of the sector and be at the forefront of it with exclusive products.

We design, develop and manufacture all of our lighting equipment, including our smart lighting device solutions. We use the most advanced ZIGBEE communication protocol worldwide.

Our production units in China fulfill the final task of assembly, quality control and finished product. Passing another second quality control at our facilities in Spain.

Our skills

After more than 11 years designing and manufacturing lighting products, we want to share our skills that we have developed over time. We are not perfect, but every day we try to improve ourselves a little more.

Product Design

Our technical engineers have been designing and programming our lighting devices for more than 11 years.

Manufacture and Warranty

We have manufacturing and quality control in China. With a second quality control at our facilities in Spain.


We have a personalized technical service for every question, query or solution that is needed.

Technical advice

All our clients have advice from highly qualified personnel that is constantly updated.

Do you want to expand your sales?

In order for your company to continue growing without giving up its essence, Grupo Led Hispania puts its consulting experience at your service to adapt your business model to the new digital reality. We focus on taking advantage of the technological pull so that your company can reach its full potential.

Why join us?

We invite you to connect to our Digital Universe with the most advanced technology on the market. We make it easy for you. For this we incorporate four brands with a fully differentiated product line, offering a solution for each Professional. We give you an excellent guarantee because when we design and manufacture our own product, we trust it. We reduce and adjust the prices so that it is easy for you as a professional to optimize the investment of your costs. We offer you the option of preparing your Project with the latest 3D technology: Infographics | Video marketing | 360º panoramas | Immersive and interactive projects in real time. It will seem incredible to you how it can help you. Find out !. We provide exclusive installation and assembly tutorials for the most advanced product. We make your orders easier than ever, from anywhere, anytime, with real-time stoks.

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