Led Hispania Lighting

Our history

We are pleased to contact you to introduce you to our company LEDHISPANIA LIGHTING, S.L., as well as inform you of the possibilities that this can offer you. Our Group has known how to go ahead of its time, incorporating products with intelligent solutions in lighting devices, using the most advanced ZIGBEE communication protocol. LED HISPANIA® is an international brand with more than 11 years of life, and more than 6,500 clients worldwide. Oriented towards innovation, quality and service to our clients to achieve more efficient Smart Cities, and thus, improve people’s quality of life.
The objective of LED HISPANIA LIGHTING, S.L. is to provide quality LED products to the market, offering the maximum guarantees and an exquisite technical and commercial service, both in the sale and in the post-sale and management of the guarantees of our products. Our commercial department is made up of qualified professionals who will attend to your requests and any type of query or doubt that may arise as quickly as possible. Thanks to our large permanent stock, we guarantee 24-hour shipments to all our customers. For all this from LED HISPANIA LIGHTING, S.L. We invite you to try our products and benefit from the best prices on the market without any commitment, we are sure that you will be satisfied.

Led Hispania® Certificates

All our products are certified by prestigious laboratories such as LCOE (Official Central Laboratory of Electrotechnics in Spain), Cotecna (Swiss Multinational of tests, trials and certifications) and ONAC (National Accreditation Body of Colombia) with which we obtained RETILAP certification for sale. and distribution of our products in Latin America.
Some companies that collaborate and certify us